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Privacy Policy


   The Gokayama Tourist Information Center uses and protects personal information as described below. We have processes in place to protect your personal information, and the importance of protecting personal information is stressed to all of our employees to ensure that your information is handled with utmost care.


Handling of Personal Information

   In order to keep your information safe, we at the Gokayama Tourist Information center have countermeasures in place to ensure that no information is lost, damaged, accessed inappropriately, altered, or leaked. We take great care in managing personal information, keeping our security system up to date, and rigorously training our employees in information security.


What we use your personal information for

   We collect your information in order to contact you, via e-mail and other means, in response to questions concerning business operations and tourist information, or to send relevant materials.

In addition, some information is automatically collected when visiting this site, which is used for statistical analysis.


Use and sharing of personal information

   Information collected from you will be handled appropriately and will not be used or given to third parties except as outlined under “What we use your personal information for”, or under the following circumstances:

  • When disclosure of such information is legally required
  • When your permission has been obtained
  • When information must be disclosed in order to provide a requested service
  • When access data and opinions collected from users of this site are to be used in statistical analysis.


Safety measures

   We at the Gokayama Tourist Information Center take extensive security measures in order to ensure the accuracy and safety of your personal information.


Modifying Information

   If you wish to access, modify, or delete the information we have collected from you, we will respond to your request once we obtain proof of your identity.



   The Gokayama Tourist Information Center complies with all laws and other standards and regulations regarding the collection and use of personal information. We will continue to update and improve our processes as laws and standards change.



Gokayama Tourist Information Center

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