The Gassho-zukuri Village of Ainokura

ー 相倉合掌造り集落 ー

Ainokura village retains the historical landscape of Gokayama and the original Gassho-zukuri architecture in homes of varying sizes and a thatched-roof temple. People still live in this historical village, which is rare among World Heritage Sites. Many of the exceptional museums, souvenir shops, restaurants, and inns in the area are built in the Gassho-zukuri style. Relax your body and mind in the tranquil mountain scenery.

Business hours
Open through out year
Parking Fees (Conservation cooperation fees)
Regular/kei automobile: ¥500
Mid-sized bus: ¥2,000
Large-sized bus: ¥3,000
Two-wheeled vehicle: ¥100
Car: About 16 minutes from Gokayama IC via route 156 & 304 to the village parking
Bus: About 5 minutes on foot from World Heritage Bus "Ainokuraguchi" bus stop
611 Ainokura, Nanto-shi, Toyama-ken 939-1915
0763-66-2123 The World Heritage Ainokura Gassho Village Preservation Foundation
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